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bread brands. >>> still to come when 9 news now continues, we're going to talk live to dr. phil. we're going to talk about his new book and what's coming up on his show today. you can watch it right here beginning at 4:00 p.m. >>> but, first, a lot of people got ill from food-borne illnesses. they do that every time this year. so coming up next we're going to have some food safety tips for you that really could make a difference between having a happy holiday and a disaster. >>> i love thanksgiving because that's when you eat lots of food. but let me tell you that sometimes people become ill from the thanksgiving meal, and we'll tell you why in just a moment. i have c.c. williamson. she is a food safety expert with the usda meat and poultry hotline. and she says food-borne illnesses occur a lot of times from the dressing. >> that's true. in fact, if you're sitting around your thanksgiving table and you have seven other people there, you might want to think that one of those people is going to get sick from a food- borne illness during the year because 48 million people get a food-b
literacy and to promote parks. i will let him tell the story, phil ginsburg. [ applause ] >> thank you, luis. his alter ego, what we call each other, he is before mr. books and i am mr. park and this gentleman is mr. clean. [ laughter ] >> it's such a joy to be here and such a celebrate tory week. there has been a lot of talk this week about team and putting team before self and that is not just happening on the ballfield at at&t park, but it's happening in your city and we're so incredibly blessed to have the leadership that we have in mayor lee, board president chiu and supervisor wiener. in no time that i have been involved in the city has both the mayor and board worked together to focus on helping families thrive, through better parks, through better streets, through better libraries and our city leadership deserves such a big round of applause fortaking these steps [ applause ] i also really want to single out our partnership with mr. parks and the library. this is how cities are supposed to be. i don't know if many of you had the opportunity to come and join us at the west sun
during that video. we found out the guy's name is phil. phil is actually patrolman phil croucher, a 16 year vet of the ohio police department. >> that's rich. keep going. >> all the guys to paid $50 to get up to $450 to pay phil also police officers. >> no. >> yes. just recently this week it's come down that phil has been suspended two days and also has to go through an alcohol evaluation. the nine guys who paid him $50 each received a written reprimand. >> i can't believe that these guys that we were talking so much about is a freakin' police officer. >> the police department knew about it when it first went down. he was placed on a paid administrative leave back then until a doctor could confirm he was healthy and posed no medical risk to the public. >> he just dunked his entire head in a bucket of lots of different people's pee. >> he wasn't in uniform. >> this is his private life. >> he's a police officer. what he does is based on his judgment. >> it's not illegal what he did then ducking his head. the police chief said it cast a negative light on the police department. >> if you'v
for making our city great. yes on b! [ applause ] >> thank you phil, what he didn't complete the story we go out to school and do reads and do the poet in the pocket once a year. our next leader gives many, many hours of dedicated service to leading the commission, leading the vision for the library, not only the branch library improvement program, but the array of services and programs that we provide. it's my honor and pleasure to work side by sigh with their, our commissioner president julegomez. [ applause ] . >> thank you so much, what i want to do today in addition to thanking my fellow commissioners teresa and michael, and thanking the mayor and our supervisors. [ applause ] what i usually like to do is to remind all of us that this is sacred ground. the people who came before most of us, the native people who came before us believed that this ground was sacred and no one is an owner. we are stewards of this ground. the dirt that you are going to play in and plant in is the legacy that those people have left us. it's really appropriate, i think that we have gone to all corners of the
important battle ground state of florida. that is where phil keet something -- phil keating is live. >> president obama and governor romney, were they successful in the final pitches to voters? on the american headquarters special they gave their analysis. >> you can see the fatigue in both of their faces, you can hear it in both of their voices. as far as romney is concerned he is trying to go big. you face a good choice you can continue on the path of barack obama, we have been going a very different way. some people say he should have made it more of a choice election. for months it was a referendum. it is a strong argument to finish. >> obama is spending his final hours still attacking mitt romney? who sounds more like a president? perhaps romney. who sounds like a guy in a small bore race i think it's the president. there are the crowds who have been enormous for romney surprising everybody venlt one thing we have learned a long time ago in the final days crowd size doesn't tell you much. george mcgovern on the way to a massive slaughter drew enormous crowd rgs so did walter mo
solutions and tonight, we hope to begin to find them. dr. phil mcgraw is with us. so is bullying expert roselyn wiseman. you will meet so many brave students tonight as well, parents, members of the rutgers community. my friend kelly ripa is here as well. she's got three kids and like any mom, worries and jane lynch, who is raising a young daughter with her wife, will also join us tonight. it's been a year since tyler's death and the issue came to a lot of the country's attention then. i want to bring in phil mcgraw and rosalyn wiseman. phil, what kind of grade would you give in terms of progress that's been made this year on the issue? >> well, i would give a real high grade as far as intention to both legislators and administrators and teachers. teachers are heroes. come on, these are people that work for very little money, they are very dedicated, but i would give us a very low grade for execution. i would give us a low grade for what we've accomplished and i'll tell you, it's because we're going at this from the wrong point of view. we're dealing with this with bullies as criminals
. >>> i am phil matier. a second suspect is now in custody in a deadly crime spree in san jose. >> yes. friends and family are honoring a 22-year-old victim this weekend. police used this sketch to track down a suspect. he is 15, hiding at a home in concord. 's minor and booked now in jew nile hall. his name has not been released since he is a minor. this is a cervical photo of two robber who is tried to carjack a store outside a 7-eleven on november 5th. he was a football player and aspiring hip hop artist. he was only 22 and remembered yesterday in a memorial service in campbell. >> he was great, always jovial and happy. a practical jokingly police say in addition to murdering mark petty ford, he is now faces charges of murder and assault on a police officer and robbery. >> meanwhile, the first first public meeting for the search for a shows police chief. the search for a successor is under way. officials want unput from residents about what qualities they should look for in a new chief. the first meet willing be tomorrow night. >>> new this morning, a woman walking on highway
and he stood with us. phil ginsburg, rec and park director. our dpw director mohammed, the last time i saw o & m mohammed he was pushing a wheelbarrow. our department heads have stood with us. jill, karen, besides them, gary, who was at the time capital planning manager for rec and park. mindy, lenu chen, the manager for the project. michael from planning, john from the city attorney's office. michelle and mary, michelle is with the library and mary is with the friends of the library and put on this event today. our commissioners, rec and park, planning, library, who have voted unanimously. some of them more than once for this project. our board of supervisors, who stood with us. the architects, marsha and a special thanks to erin who has done so much to help us on though this project. you know? that is the city side of this public-private partnership and i have to be fair in saying that this project has lasted through the term of two supervisors, two head librarians, three mayors, and four rec and park general managers. the heart of this project, the constant thing has been the hear
and his concussion and what do you sashgs phil jackson with the lakers later in this broadcast how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. . >>> new tonight at 1:00, set your alarm clocks for about noontime tomorrow as a remiernd. that's when a total solar eclipse will take place. unfortunately it will not be visible from the bay area, but you can watch it online. the eclipse will be most visible from australia where it will cast a 100-mile-wide shadow, totality d
. and we want to send our love to phil hughes, one of our -- one of our security guys who lost his home out at rockaway. grateful just to get his three kids out. so, you know, just check on your neighbors, everybody, check on your neighbors, make sure that the elderly, too. make some casseroles for people. >> start cooking. >> be a good neighbor. >> we should point out, by the way, it is halloween. and typically we dress up, we we didn't today for obvious reasons. but there are people around the country enjoying themselves on this hallowe'en. and we want to give a shoutout to the seniors doing the monster mash in springfield, virginia. let's see what they have to show. ♪ i was looking in the lab when my eyes beheld an eerie sight my monster from a slab began to rise and suddenly to my surprise ♪ ♪ he did the mash the monster mash it was a graveyard smash ♪ ♪ he did the mash he did the monster mash ♪ >> those crazy octegenarians. >> here is hannah with her cinderella costume, on the way to the bus stop with her coat on. >> how precious. >> how about this one, this little baby dre
insider phil mctear and the team of reporters covering our campaign 2012 coverage tonight. >> but first, we're going to go to cbs 5 grace lee. huge night for the president and the democrats. >> reporter: absolutely, it was. we expected it to be close but the president got a hundred votes more than governor romney but in the popular vote, both getting 49% of the vote. and maybe why we heard this theme from the president talking about unity in his victory speech. we want to go to joe tuman. we have to unite the country once again but this time the president seemed to have a milder tone. >> i think in some ways what you heard tonight was the product of exhaustion. you are just a walking zombie at the end of one of these things and exhilaration. the speed is reminiscent. he was gracious to governor romney and waxed poetic about the future. he chas has big challenges ahead of him with a divided congress. >> phil mctear, our political insider, we were talking about it an hour ago, you were on the phone with people from the governor's office who said don't worry about the numbers right now. le
the director of that department, phil ginsberg about the new application they have helped us with. i'm very proud of what rec and park is doing. this is something i've been discussing with mr. ginsberg for some months now. but in addition to the information that you can now get about where our parks are, i think we need to take this one step further. we need to allow folks to do the online transactions that allow people to make reservations at the barbecue pit or at that picnic table. these are three of hundreds of ideas that i have heard over the last few years. my guess is you in your heads have the solutions to them today. and mayor lee and i are looking forward with this legislation with all of you to figuring out how to make our city government the best 21st century city government that we have in the entire world. so, thank you for being here, and it is my pleasure to introduce our mayor's budget director kate howard who in addition to helping to balance multi-billion dollar budgets every year, she will tell you about our plans around our chief data officer. thank you so much for bein
in managing this project. [ applause ] and another superb partner in phil ginsburg, rec and park, thank you. [ applause ] this is going to be an amazing space that ties together the joe dimaggio park and you will hear more about that. it's wonderful to know that it really creates an amazing civic space for north beach and it wouldn't happen wouldn't fantastic support from the community. julie christinsen, a shout out to you. [ applause ] the. so throughout this ceremony, we're going to celebrate and pay tribute to all of the wonderful folks that are making it happen. so without further ado, person that not only has prior director of public works, city administrator and now wonderful mayor for our city; who has been terrifically supportive of our city, mayor ed lee. [ applause ] >> how is everybody doing? [ applause ] [ applause ] well let me begin by saying luis, congratulations but you know, when you are as successful as you are have been with the library commission it's like winning the first world series. we're not just satisfied with one project, even though there are 24 of these th
, wnbc radio talk show host. phil musser, former executive director of the republican governors association. where this debate took place. okay. i want to go to phil musser first. you know, i hear about election -- you know, election mechanics and the ground game. i know that stuff is important. and i understand there might have been some flaws. but i think message trumps all that, phil. and i have two things to say to you. number one, lower taxes and spending means more economic growth. i don't think that message got out. maybe the first debate, that was all. and number two, there was no message to immigrants. and both of those things helped sink the party. what's your thought? do you think the republican governors see this? >> yeah, larry, the republican governors clearly see this. look, i just came from las vegas, where they met. usually, what happens in vegas stays in vegas. but i'll tell you, there were a lot of good things that were happening in las vegas. the republican governors get that message, and they get that message because they actually have accomplished in their
for the sake of it. >> how much is it a word these days? >> it's expensi expensive. >> still to come, phil lebeau will join us from chicago. look at the expectations for his second term. see you in a few moments. >>> president obama wins a second term and vows to tackle the key issues, the fiscal cliff at the top of that list. equities trading high on that news. gold also extending gains. but the prospect of gridlock in washington remains as democrats tame the senate and the republicans the house. now we know who is going to be president the next four years. the next question, who will be the next treasury secretary. timothy geithner has indicated he is ready to go. who do you think should take over the important job? names have indicated jack lou and larry fink. if you want to join the conversation, please do so. e-mail us. you the tweet us or direct to kelly. that's going to be just another subject for debate. let's remind you, everybody, where we stand with the results at the moment. >> that's right. we'll get into the treasury secretary discussion in a little bit, too. stick around for th
? well, it is not a secret. phil keating is in south florida. we know what happened. phil: a last things all combining but first the big news, miami dade county has completed counting the votes, and miami dade is no longer counting. but broward and palm beach it will counting as we speak. also jumping out, the honkest ballots taking voters 30 minutes to an hour to fill it out and then a strong voter turn out leading to the long lines plus the absentee ballots tens of thousands more coming in than anticipated. >> am i embarrassed or disappointed by what happened? absolutely. but i have to focus on simply getting it right. >> here is a look at the longest ballot in florida state history, 11 constitutional amendments and that is what took so long despite the problems only being focused on a minority of the precincts the governor plans to investigate and make some improvement. >>shepard: in the presidential race the vote was 322 apart with eight million votes cast. what are the togethers looking like now? fill phil: the secretary of state is counting. right new, governor romney with 49.24 pe
to shrink. phil matier says more people are taking the law into their own hands. phil. >> reporter: you know, this is a nice quiet neighborhood in oakland but just two hours ago will we were setting up to get ready to do this shot here at the fair, police were involved in a high-speed chase that ended with a horrendous accident in mcarthur park t spotted a car carrying gangbangers in it including one on probation for previous firearms conviction. they gave a further suit and gave up because it was unsafe. the car and the gangbangers however continued at a fast rate of speed slamming into someone trying to get home from work in his truck. crimes like this obviously get a lot of media attention and they create a lot of buzz. but there's a whole lower level of crime going on in oakland that's not getting the attention. >> in the last three days we have had three robberies at gunpoint. >> reporter: it's the kind of story you hear a lot of in oakland these days where in the past year over 11, 000 cars, homes or businesses were broken into. that comes to about a break-in every 45 minutes. and in r
. and coming up with the professionals. >> and dr. phil sticking around to join us. he'll be in for dr. nancy, no shortage of opinions. he's going to join donny and star as we look at the guy fieri review. their takes on it and also donny here special just for flirting, to flirt or not to flirt. >> i think we know donny's answer. >> is donny breathing? >>> this weekend, of course, we've got another edition of "saturday night live." and you know given the news of the week, it is going to be very interesting show. well, we're going to talk to snl star fred armisen about all the news they'll be talking about and what it's like to not play president obama. >>> and later, we're going to help you get motivated to get active with new games and gadgets that are supposed to get you moving during the cold months when you want to curl under the covers and do nothing. >> okay. >> people do that. >> yeah. exactly. natalie's standing by at the news desk to get a check of the headlines. >>> good morning, everyone. general david petraeus has volunteered to testify in front of congress on friday about the dea
. >>> phil lebeau joins us now. he's got more on the late breaking news on boeing for us. what do you got, phil? >> sue, boeing is just announcing that it is doing what essentially is -- what they're saying is not a major restructuring but is nonetheless a further restriction and movement and consolidation of mid level executive position within the defense and space division. there are a number of executives moving around within that division. jobs that are being consolidated. they've cut off $2.2 billion out of their defense division over the last couple of years as they're trying to squeeze costs down because of the tightening defense budget. this is another step in which they're going to be doing that, moving around a number of executives. they just announced it. it does not look like we are looking at the reduction of the lower-down labor force. in other words, you're not looking at the blue collar entry level jobs within the defense division being squeezed out. but boeing is saying we need to continue consolidating within the mid level executive rank of our defense division as we con
schools they are attractive. >>> lakers have new head coach, not phil jackson. the team announced before midnight that mike deanthony will be joining he previously coached the suns and nicks he replaces mike brown who the lakers fired five games into the season. he was chosen after negotiations with phil jackson broke down over the weekend. >>> san francisco police officer stops stolen vehicle what the driver did that had police swarming a construction site. [ inaudible ] .
to thank the mayor and our supervisors, and phil ginsburg for putting us on that bond. let's get prop b passed, shall we? [ applause ] so we're going to turn some dirt and we're going to start a library. thank you all for being here today. you made this happen. [ applause ] >> thank you, julie. well-done, julie. thank you. thank you. mr. mayor, will you have the honors. district supervisors, mohammed, phil, julie, come on down here and grab yourself a shovel and we're going to have a countdown. are we ready? let's have a countdown. on the count of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! north beach branch library! . >> are you guys ready? okay. >> roll call. commissioner. >> present. >> commissioner. >> here. >> commissioner. >> here. >> commissioner. >> here. >> item two approval of minutes for october 23, 2012 meeting with a minor correction on the first page commissioner brandon was present. >> so moved. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> number three, public comment on executive session. sue hester. >> sue hester. i didn't identify myself on there, but i have attended all of the public worksh
now passing up phil simms. what does that mean to you, eli? >> well, tonight was we needed a win was the most important thing. but any time, you know, you pass a great like phil simms and charlie connerly and so many great quarterbacks over the years, you know, it's an honor just to be mention inside their company. >> michele: congratulations on the win. >> thanks a lot. >> michele: osi, the defense got to aaron rodgers all night. >> right. >> michele: five sacks on rodgers. you had a sack fumble. how were you guys so effective in getting to him. >> we have to get pressure on him and he's an outstanding quarterback and football player. any quarterback you get pressure on them you have a better chance to win and we needed to step up this week for the giants. >> michele: tom coughlin told me at halftime he said to you guys in the locker room we want to go out and regain the respect of the football unit. >> right. >> michele: how did you accomplish that tonight? >> it was important. all heart and all hustle. we had a week off and greneeded regroup. we came out and played like that t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 656 (some duplicates have been removed)